Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation

BHT Clinic performs hair transplantation using Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction Method. The advantages are clear — patients get a natural hairline, healthy density and zero scars. There are no permanent negative effects, such as scars, wounds, empty spots, etc. Furthermore, Advanced FUE also means quicker recovery times and higher transplanted graft regrowth rates. Read below for more information about how Advanced FUE works.

9 Facts You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation

  1. Surgical hair restoration is completely painless - you will not feel pain before, during or after the transplant.
  2. A transplant might require 1 or 2 sessions - depending on the size of area affected by hair loss.
  3. An average hair transplant takes 6 to 8 hours.
  4. Only local anaesthesia is administered during the procedure.
  5. Transplanted hair will stay with you for the rest of your life.
  6. Some tiny incisions will heal within a few days. We guarantee no scaring will be remain after the transplant.
  7. Patients need to follow simple recommendations for care after hair transplantation.
  8. Our staff will show you how to take care of your transplanted hair.
  9. You will receive a free set of hair care products for daily use during the first 2 weeks.

During a typical hair transplantation procedure, a surgical team harvests hair from the back and sides of the scalp and transplants it into areas affected by hair loss. Hair in these areas is genetically resistant to hair loss, so it continues to grow even when transplanted into areas affected by baldness. The effects of a hair transplant are therefore lifelong.

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How does Advanced Follicular Extraction Method work?

Phase One: Pre-operation

before hair transplant

Patients arrive at our hair transplant clinic in Turkey one night before the procedure. After a night in a deluxe room, you will have a consultation with our experienced surgeon. Here, together with the patient, the surgeon will make a plan of the procedure, mark a new outline for the hairline and determine an approximate number of transplanted grafts. Finally, the patient is taken to one of our sterile operating rooms. The patient’s hair is normally trimmed off to allow access to donor grafts at the back of the head.

Phase Two: Harvesting

harvesting hair grafts

The doctor will administer local anesthesia and the patient will be comfortably positioned on a specialized bed. Our specialists then begin to harvest donor hair follicles in groups, also known as grafts, from the back and sides of the head. These grafts, composed of 1-3 hairs, will later be replanted in the areas of scalp affected by hair loss. The surgeon will only harvest up to a safe number of grafts to make sure that there is no damage to the donor areas. This phase lasts for 3-4 hours.

Phase Three: Creating Channels

implanting grafts with a manual punch donor graft channels

Following a short lunch break, our hair transplantation surgeon begins to create channels, which will serve as implantation sites for donor grafts. In a step unique to BHT Clinic, Dr. Abdulrahman Cevik uses a manual punch device to open these implantation channels. Unlike other clinics that use a micro-motor for this step, Dr. Cevik uses a manual instrument, which lets our team implant hair with a significantly higher density - up to 65 grafts per square centimetre. The manual punch also causes much less trauma to the scalp and contributes to higher re-growth rates.

Phase Four: Implantation

planting hair grafts

As the implantation channels are created, the team begins implanting donor hair. To ensure graft survivability, hair is implanted into freshly created channels in rounds. As Dr. Abdulrahman Cevik uses the manual tool to open a new round of donor channels, the team prepares for implantation, which takes place as soon as the surgeon is finished. We work in shifts like this to implant thousands of grafts per single session, one by one.

Phase Five: Post-operation

after hair transplant

Patients are returned to the deluxe rooms after the transplant to rest. Following doctor's advice, some pain relieve and antibiotic medication might be prescribed. Patients are advised to wear special headwear after their procedures, specially when outdoors. All this is included in our hair transplantation prices.

After Transplant Care

Every patient is assisted by our professional consultants, also after your transplant. You always have access to answers and help.

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