Beard Hair Transplantation in Turkey

One of the newest and most sought after applications of advanced hair transplantation is facial hair transplants. While the transplant methods overall have remained largely unchanged for years, beard and eyebrow transplants have consistently produced better and better results. At our clinic, doctors have been performing beard hair transplants for more than 5 years and have acquired an in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the field.

How do Beard and Eyebrow Hair Transplants Work?

The basics of facial hair transplantation is largely the same as conventional Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation. Hair follicles are extracted from the back of the patient's head, an area also known as the donor zone, using specialised surgical tools. These follicles, also referred to as hair grafts, are the replanted into recipient areas. Because of the nature of the transplanted hair, it continues growing for the rest of the natural life of the follicle.

The Main Differences

Facial hair transplants require even more precision and skill from the operating specialist to create a truly natural look and a model shape and pattern. At our clinics in Antalya and Istanbul, Turkey, we prefer using only single or double hair grafts to guarantee the best possible results. Our specialists take great care to recreate the natural direction hair growth. This requires time and effort, and gives our patients lifelong, beautiful results.

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Results and Recovery

Evidence of the procedure should be completely gone in 10-14 days after the transplant. Results should be fully visible 5-7 months after the transplant. Particular care has to be taken by the patient following the transplant, including the right sleeping position, daily washes and sun protection. The procedure itself takes only 1 day to complete (in case of larger transplants - 2 days), and gives you lifelong results.

Cost of Beard Transplants in Turkey

We offer great prices for hair transplantation in Turkey. Due to the nature of facial hair transplants, our standard package costs do not apply. Contact our clinic for a detailed, personal quote.

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