Questions About Hair Transplantation in Turkey

We have put together a short list of the most common questions about hair transplantation in general and about hair clinics in Turkey.

What is a hair transplantation procedure?

The newest method of hair transplantation is a procedure called Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). During an Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation, a specialist extracts grafts, which contain 1-4 hair follicles, from the back of your head (the donor area) and plants these grafts in areas affected by hair loss. This is a process of transporting hair follicles from those areas on your head or body, where you have plenty of hair, to the areas where you are balding. The grafts are harvested using a special instrument, which leaves behind tiny incisions of under 1mm in size.

How long will my hair transplant take?

Most hair transplantation procedures are done in a single day. This time is usually enough to harvest and transplant around 4000 grafts, which corresponds to 6000 - 9000 hairs. This quantity is enough to cover a very large balding area. Some hair transplants require 2 consecutive days, whenever a large number of grafts needs to be transplanted or in other special circumstances.

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How to choose the right hair clinic?

The best hair clinics in Turkey have proper certification. There are many hair clinics in Turkey and a number of them are small, office-based operations in a room or an apartment. Clinics like that have a number of disadvantages over proper hospital-based clinics. The don't have access to sterile operating facilities and anaesthesiology is seldom professional. According to the latest edition of medical regulations, hair transplant clinics in Turkey need to have access to emergency recessitation facilities, which makes many of the smaller clinics illegal.

BHT Hair Transplant Clinics, on other hand, are based in full-service hospitals in Antalya and Istanbul. We have access to a wide rage of equipment and specialists. Our clinics are fully certified and accredited.

What is a Facial Hair Transplant?

Using the Advanced FUE method of hair transplantation, donor grafts extracted from the back and the sides of the scalp can be used to create a natural, thick beard, moustache and to correct eyebrows. Beard hair transplantation in Turkey with BHT Hair Clinics is affordable, easy and gives you beautiful, life-long results.

What are the side effects of hair transplantation?

Previous generation of hair transplantation procedures used a method called FUT. These hair transplants left a very visible scar at the back of the patients' heads. With the adaption of FUE procedures, patients do not get a scar anymore. With Advanced FUE Hair Transplants, most visible signs of the operation will be completely gone just a few days after your hair transplant procedure!

How do I begin planning my hair transplant?

You have to contact the hair clinic and provide them with photographs of your hair as it is today. Then, you will get an approximate number of grafts that can be transplanted and the price of hair transplantation. This is not binding, and a more through examination will be done right before the procedure by the doctor. Once you have the estimate, you need to buy a plane ticket to Turkey and notify the clinic of your arrival date. We will arrange everything else for you.

Where will my FUE procedure take place?

With us, your FUE hair transplant will take place at a certified hospital. This ensures an unparalleled level of sterility and professionalism. You are then brought back to your 5-star, single patient room where you will spend the next day recovering under the watchful eye of our hair transplant specialists.

When will I see the results my hair transplant?

Immediately after your FUE hair transplant procedure, you will have slight irritation on your head. This is normal and our instruction for care after hair transplantation describe this in more detail. Most visible signs of the transplant will be gone 7-10 days later. We provide you with a set of products to speed up your recovery and a special pillow to sleep on so as to not damage your transplanted grafts. The hair from the transplanted grafts might fall out a few weeks later due to something called transplant shock. This is also normal, as the actual grafts stay in your skin and the hair follicles will immediately produce new, healthy hair that will stay on your head for the rest of your life.

Will I need a repeat hair transplant?

Usually, one hair transplantation procedure is enough to remedy most balding conditions. Some severe cases require a double transplant. In some cases, you might need to have a repeat procedure in 10-12 months. Note, that transplanted hair follicles are guaranteed to stay in the areas where they were transplanted to. Your hair will grow in those areas for the rest of your life. Therefore, the effect of the hair transplant does not wear off. Ever.

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