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Why Do Patients Choose BHT Clinic?

Top-class comfort and lifelong results

Our team tries hard to give every single patient the very best in service and quality. With our 1-patient-a-day policy, you'll get our full, undevided attention. Check out a video from our clinic and see what makes BHT Hair Clinic your top choice in Turkey.

Excellent Value

Excellent Value

Our flexible prices include everything you will need during your stay. We offer the best value for procedures done by the surgeon, Dr. Cevik.

Hair transplant prices

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

All procedures are done by our experienced surgeon and his team. Dr. Cevik takes 1 patient per day to offer every client his full attention.

About hair clinic

Manual Graft Implantation

Manual Graft Implantation

Our team can give patients higher density of transplanted grafts, better regrowth and shorter recovery with the Manual Lateral Slit technique.

Lateral Slit Implantation

How Hair Transplantation Works

  • hair transplant in turkey

    What is hair transplantation?

    During a typical hair transplantation procedure, a surgeon transplants donor hair grafts, which are genetically immune to hair loss. Surgical hair restoration therefore gives patients lifelong results. After a one-day procedure at our clinic and following a short healing process, patients are left with no scars or any other visible signs of the transplant. Hair transplantation does not prevent you from going to work and having a normal lifestyle.

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  • donor grafts fue transplant

    Step 1: Graft Extraction

    Donor hair is extracted in follicular graft units, each one containing 1-3 hairs. During the first stage of hair transplantation, surgeon extracts donor grafts the back and the sides of a patient's head. Grafts are extracted selectively using advanced instruments, which do not leave any scars. For each and every patient, the required number of grafts is determined individually and only a safe number is extracted.

    Next: Step 2 - Preservation

  • preserved donor hair transplant grafts

    Step 2: Preservation of Donor Grafts

    Once donor grafts are extracted, they need to be preserved. Extracted material needs to be submerged in a special platelet-rich solution in order to guarantee survivability. This step can significantly improve results and improve graft regrowth rates following hair transplantation.

    Next: Step 3 - Donor Channels

  • manual hair transplant implantation

    Step 3: Opening Donor Channels

    Before donor grafts can be implanted into areas affected by hair loss, tiny incisions need to be made on the recipient area. We use a Lateral Slit technique for implantation, which allows us to give patients higher density of implanted grafts. Our focus is to make sure that no scars or any visible evidence of hair transplantation is left behind following the procedure.

    Next: Step 4 - Impalntation

  • inserting grafts into channels

    Step 4: Implanting Donor Grafts

    The last stage of hair transplantation involves actually implanting donor grafts into the channels created during the previous stage. Grafts are carefully inserted into the tiny incisions following the natural direction of hair growth. In practice this occurs concurrently with the previous step.

    Next: Aftercare

  • post-op care instructions


    Following hair transplantation, it is very important to follow correct aftercare practices. Our team will assist you during your first hair wash, explain the correct method of post-op care and give you a free set of hair care products. You will also get a special piece of headware to protect your transplanted hair during your flight back home.

    Read More About Hair Transplantation

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  • Step 1: Graft Extraction
  • Step 2: Preserving Donor Grafts
  • Step 3: Creating Donor Channels
  • Step 4: Implanting Donor Grafts
  • Aftercare

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Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The price of hair restoration depends on the type of hair transplant you need.
We offer the following procedures:

  • Hair

    Traditional hair restoration involves transplanting donor hair grafts from donor areas to the recipient areas affected by hair loss.

  • Beard Hair

    Beard and facial hair transplantation can give you a beautiful, full and dense beard, moustache and help recreate natural eyebrows.

  • No-Shave

    Donor grafts can be carefully planted between existing hair without the need to shave the recipient area - usually the hairline.

  • Female
    Hair Restoration

    Transplantation can help women suffering from hair loss. We use special methods to conceal transplantation and improve results.

Premium Hair Transplantation Experience

Every procedure is unique. Hair transplantation prices are determined based on the type and extent of procedure you need. We offer very competitive rates.

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