Platelet-Rich Plasma Stem Cell Therapy

PRP Stem Cell Therapy is one of the latest significant developments in hair transplantation. This type of procedures was previously used in complicated surgeries where healing rates were of great importance. Now, it is available to Advanced FUE hair transplantation patients who want to improve the results of their transplants even further and speed up healing following the procedure. Read more about what PRP Stem Cell Therapy is, how it can help you and why you should choose to get it with us!

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Stem Cell Therapy?

The aim of the procedure is to stimulate transplanted hair follicles (grafts) and to "switch" these into active growth phase. It is a unique method of using the natural capabilities of the patients' own body to improve the healing process in the soft tissue and improve the results of hair transplantation. The concentrated, platelet-rich plasma is prepared from the patients' own blood using a special centrifugal system at our hair clinic. This is why Stem Cell PRP Therapy effectively impacts the healing of post-operational wounds and stimulates hair growth and hair thickness after a hair transplant.

What are the results of PRP Therapy with Hair Transplantation?

PRP therapy was first used during hair transplantation more than 5 years ago. The results of PRP therapy application on follicular unit extraction (hair transplantation) patients shows an improved rate of donor graft regrowth as well as a significant increase the hair's thickness. Healing times after hair transplantation are significantly shortened. The results were statistically compared to the control group of patients who received a hair transplant without the application of PRP therapy. There is also evidence of hair recovery in patients with Alopecia Areata (AA), similar to the effects of hair loss medication but with less side-effects.

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Why get PRP Therapy at BHT Hair Clinic?

We operate at full-service international hospitals in Antalya and Istanbul, which are equipped with the necessary equipment for PRP Stem Cell Therapy. Our hair transplantation surgeons have been taking advantage of PRP Stem Cell Therapy for many years and know how to administer it correctly, effectively and with minimal discomfort to the patient.

Cost of PRP Stem Cell Therapy

Our policy is to offer every patient truly amazing value for their money. That's why, the cost of PRP Stem Cell Therapy is included in the price of hair transplantation at our clinics, if the type of procedure allows for it.

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